1. How distractible are you?

* 1. How often do you check your email?

* 2. Do you check email/voicemail while you are on vacation?

* 3. Do you check email on your phone or other mobile device (not a laptop)?

* 4. How much of the time are you available for instant messaging?

* 5. How often do you take work calls/emails/messages when you're at home?

* 6. Complete the following phrase: "For my job, the Internet is...

* 7. How does your employer restrict internet use? Check all that apply.

* 8. How do your employer's technology restrictions affect you?

* 9. Do you ever rely on tricks to remove the distraction of the Internet so you can get work done? If so, what? Check all that apply

* 10. How much time do you spend each day at work/school?

* 11. Of the time you're at work/school each day, how much time do you spend on non-work/school activities (e.g. surfing the internet, playing games, personal emails/conversations, etc.)?

* 12. Did you stop working on Thursday to check on the news about the airplane ditching in the Hudson river?

* 13. Responding to this survey is...