* 1. What are some activities you would like to do with Youth Group?

* 2. Do you prefer overnight lock-ins or 3-4 hour game nights?

* 3. What kind of food would you like to eat at Youth Events?

* 4. What would you like to do differently at Youth Group?

* 5. If you need service hours for school, would you like to get them by working with the Youth Group on Mission Projects?

* 6. How can we support you?  Are there issues you would like to see discussed at Youth Group?

* 7. Do you play an instrument?  If so, what.  Are you willing to play for Youth Group Activities? (if yes, please leave your name and contact information)

* 8. How will you find out about Youth Group Events?  Where do we need to be advertising/posting/etc?

* 9. Do you need a ride?  If so, leave your name and contact information.

* 10. What night would you like to meet?

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