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1st Vice President Rick Blair is looking for many good members that would like to serve on committees of the MSFA for the years 2017-2018.  Please complete the Survey below to provide him with your interests and contact information.

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 4. Which member company or partner organization are you affiliated with?

* 5. Is your information in the current 2017-2018 directory correct?

* 6. What is your street address?

* 7. City

* 8. State

* 9. Zip Code:

* 10. Email Address:

* 11. Preferred Phone Number:

* 12. Secondary Phone:

* 13. Are you currently serving as a committee chair, co-chair, or vice chair?

* 14. If "Yes" - Which Committee

* 15. Are you still interested in this position?

* 16. If No, who would you recommend?

* 17. Are you interested in serving as a committee chair?

* 18. If "Yes", which Committee?

* 19. Select all of the Committees You are Interested in Serving on!

* 20. PRESS Done when you have answered all Questions.  Your Interest will be reported to 1st Vice President Rick Blair, and he will be in touch with you in the next few months as he prepares his Committee line-ups!