Metrowest STEM Education Network (MSEN) - Needs Assessment

MSEN would appreciate your input in this needs assessment survey aimed to identify the most important needs of your organization as it relates to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education and/or workforce development. We encourage you to keep in mind that the most important need is not necessary the most urgent but it is the one that, if addressed, will empower your organization to reach new heights. To fill out the survey will require 5-10 minutes of your time.

* 1. Check all that apply. I represent:

* 2. Check all that apply. My organization main source of funding:

* 3. Below is a list of network regions, please choose the one to which you believe your organization belongs:

* 4. To what extent do you have an understanding of the role and work of the Massachusetts regional STEM networks?

* 5. Share with us the most important needs of your organization. Independently of constraints (financial or other), what are the top 3-5 initiatives/programs that would allow your organization to make a difference in STEM education and/or STEM workforce development for your community? Please, elaborate:

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