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We'd like to hear your views

Where is the most important part of Crewe for you?  Does it have one, two or maybe even three heartlands?  If Crewe is your home town, we’re sure you will have your own answers to those questions.  But no matter which part of town we all prefer, what seems clear is that different areas of Crewe could be connected better to others within the town. 

We want to make it easier for people to enjoy everything that Crewe has to offer, and to make it more pleasant to travel from one part of town to another. 

Soon we will be able to share with you how we hope to do this, if we are successful with our Towns Fund bid.  But if you have an idea you think we should be considering in future, let us know here.   

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* 1. Which part of Crewe is most important to you and why?

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* 2. Tell us your views on how different parts of the town could be better connected

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