* 1. Personal Information

Part One: Multiple Choice

* 2. Which of the following areas of application for biometrics has been the most interesting to you in 2017?

* 3. From your perspective, which biometric modality has been the most exciting in 2017:

* 4. By which of the following dates do you believe biometric will have replaced the password as the primary method of user authentication online?

* 5. On average, how often do you personally use biometrics?

* 6. Of the following situations involving biometrics, which is most common in your day-to-day life?

* 7. In your opinion, are consumer biometrics still in a nascent phase?

Part Two: Agree or Disagree

* 8. The introduction of Apple’s Face ID 3D facial recognition on the new iPhone X will significantly affect the public perception of biometrics.

* 9. Privacy concerns are a major obstacle in consumer biometric adoption.

* 10. Properly educating the public about biometrics is important for the future of cyber security and identity tech at large.

* 11. Biometrics are proving effective in securing international borders against terrorist threats.

* 12. Artificial intelligence will make voice, speech, and face recognition biometrics integral to everyday life.

* 13. Biometric screening makes air travel safer and more convenient.

* 14. When using biometrics, I prefer a completely contactless experience.

* 15. Industry cooperation through consortia and alliances is helpful in addressing industry challenges.

* 16. I feel safer in a building protected by biometric security.

* 17. Improved liveness detection should be a priority for the consumer facing biometrics industry.

* 18. Biometrics-based background checks should be mandatory for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

* 19. Digital and physical privacy is a fundamental right.

* 20. Biometrics are a controversial technology.

* 21. Biometrics is a mainstream technology.