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* 1. Contact Information

* 2. What specific data and/or analytics do you wish you had?

* 3. What are your current "pain points" (obstacles, hurdles, complexities) in terms of using and integrating data and analytics in your organization?

* 4. What external data sources do you currently use?

* 6. Please rate your organization's current propensity for collaborating/hiring other companies that deliver big data, business intelligence, and analytics solutions:

  1. No Collaboration, Entirely Self Serve 2. Not Often, But Sometimes 3. Moderate Level 4. Often 5. Always
Collaborative Profile

* 7. Please rate your organization's level (i.e. complexity) of analytics?

  1. Very Basic (simple Excel files, printed reports, static charts) 2. Basic 3. Moderate 4. Advanced 5. Very Advanced (billion record databases, real time dashboards, powerful predictive models)
Analytics Complexity

* 9. Please rate each discipline in terms of your current need:

  Nil Some Moderate High Uber
Predictive analytics
Operational intelligence
Price optimization / revenue management
Time series analysis
Geospatial or locational analysis
Quality control monitoring
Risk analysis
Social media analytics
Prescriptive analytics
Web log analytics
Analysis in data streams
Text analytics
Fraud analytics
Network analysis
Link analysis
Cognitive computing
Voice analysis
Video analytics

* 10. Any questions, comments, or requests?