Dear RVIA Member,

What are the most burdensome and costly regulations or federal tax policies that negatively affect your business or slow your business down? We are entering an unprecedented political environment where there may be opportunities to eliminate burdensome federal regulations and reduce onerous federal taxes. Now is the time to examine which federal regulations and taxes are preventing the RV industry from reaching its full potential.

RVIA staff and several RVIA Members recently met with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who suggested that we, “. . . identify the most burdensome and stupid federal regulations that RV businesses have to deal with.”

These could be any federal regulation, from EPA to CFPB to OSHA. For example, motorhomes being regulated as commercial vehicles under greenhouse gas regulations. Or the RV industry being swept into some of the early warning reporting requirements that are geared for automobile industry.
If you are not the right person to answer these questions, please pass the survey along to the person in your company who can best identify the most burdensome or costly federal regulations affecting your company. The more thoughtful the answers are, the better equipped RVIA will be to address the problem regulations.

Once such regulations are identified, RVIA’s federal affairs staff will work with its federal lobbying firm and the new administration to discuss how these regulations might be phased out.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jay Landers, vice president, government affairs, with any questions. Jay can be reached at or 571-665-5857.

**Please focus solely on federal regulations**

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* 1. What federal regulations does your company find overly burdensome and costly? Please describe the regulations and the negative impact below.

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* 2. Which federal taxes are overly burdensome and costly to your company?

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* 3. What federal tax incentives would your company find most attractive? 

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* 4. Any additional information the RVIA federal affairs team should be aware of?

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