We would love your feedback about how well you like the new English Lab (in Rosenberg Library 205) and its services. This information may be used by City College of San Francisco to decide how much funding to give the English Lab and how that funding is used. Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses!

* 1. Why do you work in the English Lab?

* 2. Check all the following resources that you have used in the English Lab:

* 3. Have you received tutoring for a reading or writing assignment in the new English Lab?

* 4. If you received tutoring, did your tutor(s) ask you questions that helped you think about your assignment in useful ways?

* 5. Overall, what do you like about the new English Lab? What is working well?

* 6. Do you see a clear connection between the work you do in your English class and the work you do in the English Lab?

* 7. What specific suggestions do you have for improving the English Lab?

* 8. Please rank your overall experience in the new English Lab:

  Terrible Not Good Fair Very Good Excellent I'm not sure.
Overall Experience
The Lab's impact on your success in your English class
The Lab's impact on your skills as an independent learner

* 9. If you are willing to have your comments posted on a City College of San Francisco (CCSF) website, check the following: