Mikva Challenge DC's Youth Voices of Today’s Empowerment (Y.V.O.T.E.) is a group of highschool students from all across DC who aim to support youth in becoming informed, empowered, active citizens, and to advocate for democracy to be accessible for young people across DC, so that youth have a real voice in our city. 

Through this survey, we would like to get input from DC youth about their biggest concerns and most pressing issues that they want to see elected officials and candidates address to improve our communities. Please take our survey -- created BY and FOR young people --- to share what issues you believe our local government should prioritize to improve our city.

We will use this feedback to create a DC YOUTH PLATFORM, and we will advocate on behalf of DC youth to local leaders to prioritize their focus on our proposed solutions and recommendations based on your collectively identified issues. 

As an incentive and gratitude for completing the full survey with thoughtfulness and honesty, survey participants will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Visa gift card (with your e-mail address). 

Thank you for helping to make Democracy a Verb!

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