About the Awards

Maryland Rural Water Association established our Awards Program in 1992 to recognize the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our member systems, industry members, and individuals associated with our rural water systems.


All MRWA Members are eligible to be nominees, subject to the specific criteria for each category outlined in the Nomination Procedures. Winners from the previous year (2020-21) will not be eligible for the 2022 program. The MRWA Selection Committee, composed of MRWA staff & Board Members, will review all nominations and make the final selections for awards. Each award will be considered based on a written set of criteria for each category. All nominations must include:

·        Nominee’s name

·        Reason for the nomination – must be included to be considered

·        Nominator’s name, membership type (Voting, Associate, or Individual) & contact information


1. Nominators must be MRWA members in good standing (2022 current member).
2. Nominations must include a brief written explanation of the reasons the nominator feels the nominee deserves the award.
3. Nominations must be submitted by the deadline, Friday, March 18, 2022 to be considered. 
4. Members of the Selection Committee may also make nominations.