1. Help choose the next Forum Season!

Each season The CT Forum audience is asked to participate in planning the upcoming Forum season by indicating its program preferences on Ballots like this one. Please take a moment to look over program suggestions and vote for your top 4 choices.

* 1. Pick your top four (4) program choices for the 2011-2012 Season.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice
Our Work, Our Jobs in the New Century
China & India: 21st Century Powers?
Love, Love, Love
Wealth in a Democracy
Generations of Leadership
Scarcity and Abundance
Inside the Supreme Court
Sustaining the Planet
NPR Personalities
“The Other”: What do we Know? What do we Fear?
An Evening with Amazing Young People
Happiness… A Happy Life?
Technology: Power, Influence, the Next Big Thing…
The Common Good vs. Individualism
Creative Minds
Marketing: The American Way
The Urge of War
An Evening with Masters
A Conversation Between...(please place names in comment box below)

* 2. For our 20th anniversary season, we are considering presenting VERSION 2.0 of one or more past Forums with panels composed of both new and past panelists.

Do you like this idea?

* 3. If yes, please indicate your top (3) choices from the list of past Forums below.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Focus on Race Relations (1993)
Global Affairs-A Changing U.S. Role (1994)
Mood & Mental Health (1997)
Heroes Among Us (1997)
Integrity and the Media (1999)
Explorers and Adventurers (2000)
An Evening with Historians (2000)
What is the American Family? (2001)

* 4. Other Past Forum(s)

* 5. Any other comments?