1. Introduction

Readership of the aLearning Blog consists of a combination of association learning leaders and learning products/services providers. While many surveys poll association leaders to uncover trends in elearning growth and other areas, few seem to probe trends and issues within the association learning supplier sector. This survey is intended as a non-scientific way to gather some insights from your point of view.

Though you will be asked to provide some profile information, your identifying specifics will not be shared. Aggregate results from this survey will be provided to readers of the aLearning Blog; should a specific quote from an open-ended question seem particularly worthy of sharing, it will not be attributed except anonymously.

The more candid your responses, the more value the results will be to all. If you have specific questions or concerns about this survey, please feel free to contact Ellen Behrens directly at ellenbehr@aol.com.

This survey should only take about five minutes of your time.

Thank you for your contribution to this aLearning project!