The Montauk Library Board of Trustees seeks your input with regard to the Library building and facility, as it celebrates 35 years serving the Montauk community. Please answer questions 1-3 below thinking about the facility (or building), not necessarily about the services we offer.

* 1. How would you evaluate the library's facility in the following areas?

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Outdoor book drop
Entry and front desk area
Acoustics throughout the building
Lighting inside the building
Lighting outside the building
Availability of quiet space
Availability of comfortable seating 
Space for children's book & materials
Space for children's programs
Space for adult books and materials
Space for adult programs
Access to archival items
Public computer area

* 2. What do you like about the Montauk Library facility?

* 3. What do you dislike about the Montauk Library facility?

* 4. Do you have children, grandchildren or other young visitors that that use our  library?

* 5. Which of the following describes your current resident status in Montauk?

* 6. And do you have a library card?