1. UUCL Volunteer Opportunities for 2016

When we pledge our time to UUCL, we are investing in a future that includes the right to worship, speak, and think freely. We are also investing in a sanctuary for those in need of love and comfort…in a haven for our children to grow in mind and spirit and in a future in which we can believe. Please take three to five minutes to fill out this survey to help us know how you would like to be involved.

The information from this survey will be added to our membership database. It will be used to match congregational skills/interests with church needs and to track volunteer hours pledged. When an event comes up, you may receive a request for help if you have expressed an interest in that type of opportunity. We will not use the survey information for any other purpose.

On the next two pages you will find fields for contact information, your passions, opportunities in which you may be interested and the number of hours you wish to pledge. The opportunities are broken up into Recurring (weekly or monthly), Building and Grounds, and General Opportunities.