Metropolitan Regional Arts Council improves arts access for Twin Cities metro communities through grants, trainings, resources, and advocacy for artists and organizations. 
MRAC uses a peer-panel process to thoughtfully evaluate applications and make funding recommendations to our board of directors. Serving as a panelist is an important commitment to the arts in the region. This is one of the most critical components of our funding process. It is due to volunteers like you that we are able to realize our mission.

We have a variety of panels year round. Panelist inquiries are reviewed on a monthly basis. Once confirmed by the MRAC Board of Directors, panelists are entered into our database of eligible panelists and will be contacted if an opportunity that meets the needs of the upcoming panel are aligned. Visit for details on Panelists.

Please tell us about you so that we may connect you to upcoming opportunities.  
MRAC strives to have panels that are reflective of the applicant pool in terms of discipline, geography, gender, age, ethnicity and other demographic descriptors. For this reason, we ask that potential panelists self-identify their expertise, arts discipline, geographic region and demographics.

* 1. First and last name:

* 2. Preferred name:

* 3. Please provide the pronunciation of your first and last name:

* 6. Geographic Region(s): Area(s) in which you regularly support or participate in arts activities:

* 7. Relevant roles to the arts (please select all that apply):

* 8. Please list your top 2 relevant organizations and associated roles (as affiliated to MRAC or the arts):

* 9. Please list your professional title and organization (if not affiliated to MRAC or the arts):

* 10. Please provide a mailing address. This is where we will send any mail correspondence. 

Street Address:

* 11. Street Address 2 (apt, suite, etc):

* 12. City:

* 13. Zip:

* 14. Please indicate if this is a home or work address:

* 15. Phone Number:

* 16. Email address:

* 17. Management Expertise: Please rank your top three primary areas of expertise (with numbers 1-3, 1 being the strongest):

  1 2 3
Audience Development/ Marketing
Community Education
Community Service/ Development
Computer Systems/ Web Design
Disability Specialist
Finance/ Audit
General Management/ Administration
Organizational Development/ Planning
Youth Programming

* 18. Arts Discipline: Please rank your top three primary areas of expertise (with numbers 1-3, 1 being the strongest):

  1 2 3
Community Arts
Craft Arts
Design Arts
Folk/Traditional Arts
Media Arts
Public Art
Spoken Word
Visual Arts

* 19. Have you served on review panels or selection processes outside of MRAC?

* 20. If you have served on other panels or review committees, please list the names of the review programs you have participated in.

* 21. What is your experience within the following areas? (Includes formal and informal experience)

  New Emerging Mid-career Established N/A
Artistic (as an artist)
Arts administration and productions
Non-arts related administration
Working directly in community settings
Grantwriting and development
Budget and financials
Previous grantmaking
Organizational development
Commitment to advancing equitable public grant making

* 22. How many years of board experience or leadership experience do you have in a smaller organization (with an org budget of $1M or smaller)?

* 23. Please include a short biography, personal statement or summary of experience here (limit to 250 words):

* 24. Optional: You may include a link to your professional profile or work (ie: LinkedIn, organizational website or artist portfolio)

* 25. If selected for the panel, MRAC provides lunch. Please list any dietary restrictions here.  

* 26. MRAC holds weekday panels year-round (September-June). If selected, we will generally contact you one to two months prior to panel review dates. Please indicate your availability preference.

* 27. Please tell us about your demographics:

* 28. Please tell us about your gender demographics:

* 29. Please tell us about your additional demographics:

* 30. Please tell us how you heard about MRAC's grant review panel opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a panelist at MRAC!  We review new panelist inquiries on a monthly basis.  Upon approval of the MRAC board of directors, we will follow up with you regarding panel service. If you have any questions, please email Oskar Ly at