What makes your company a great place to work? How do you embrace innovation and technology? How does your company give back to the community? Your business’ story of excellence can include anything from the way you follow up on leads to your culture; be creative and original while describing your business!

Nominees can be from any size business – from a sole proprietor to several hundred employees, and must be members in good standing of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. You can self-nominate, or nominate another business, for a Business Excellence Award. 
Award winners will receive publicity and a special feature in the Business Voice and on the Metro Chamber’s website, as well as a special award package at the annual Business Excellence Awards Luncheon.
Nominating is easy and quick – tell why your company is excellent and you could be one of the 2019 honorees!
Each question requires an answer. Please note: for question eight, your entry is limited to 500 words, and for question 10, your entry is limited to 30 words. It is recommended that you compose your responses in a separate program (such as Microsoft Word or Notepad) and then copy and paste your finished response into the text field on the entry form. If you are submitting a video nomination, please note “Video nomination" in the answer box for question 8 and provide a YouTube or Dropbox link for question 9. Please note, all videos must be two minutes or shorter in length to be considered, and all other nomination contact information must also be submitted.
If you have any questions, please contact a member of the events team at 702.641.5822.


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