Welcome to the Hawley High-Speed Internet Survey

Hello and welcome to our survey,
We know what we don't want-any Internet solution that costs the taxpayers one million dollars.The next logical step is to pin down what the residents do want for high-speed Internet services. What devices do Hawley citizens use, and what is the best, most cost-effective way to meet people’s needs? The following survey from the Hawley Communications Committee, working with the town’s WiredWest rep, will answer those questions.

Because of Hawley’s hilly terrain and the divided geography, some technologies will work in some areas, while different methods make more sense for other properties. With that in mind, it’s important to include your name and the location of your property as you fill out this survey.

Hawley’s Communications Committee will share the overall survey with the towns’ residents through a mailing. But only the designers of Hawley’s Internet plan will have access to any individual survey content.

In order for Hawley to be eligible for MBI funds, the Communications Committee must be sure that any plan for high-speed Internet meets the will of the vast majority of the town’s residents and taxpayers.

Hawley’s goal for a high-speed Internet network is to have most of the installation cost paid for by the state or Federal Government with the users paying most of the balance. This survey will confirm how many people want high-speed Internet and how they will use it.  That, in turn, will determine the capacity Hawley needs for its network. At this time, the Communications Committee believes the Hawley network will be used by about 150 households.

We encourage everyone to submit answers to the survey. These answers will tell us how or if we should proceed with high speed Internet for Hawley.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the Hawley Communications Committee-
Rick Kean: 413-339-4830 or rickkean@amhinc.com
Lark Thwing: 413-339-0124 or kthwingjr@gmail.com
Craig Shrimpton: 413-339-4091 or craig.shrimpton@forgehollow.com
Hussain Hamden: 413-339-5320 or hussain.hamdan@wne.edu
Greg Rowhel: 413-339-5317 or greg@berkshirepizzeria.com