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Objective of the Survey:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  This survey is designed by the Appraisal Foundation’s Business Valuation Resources Panel's Work Group on Company Specific Risk Premia to understand how practitioners address such premia within their valuations. Your feedback is essential to our work to author a VFR that those who do this type of business valuation can turn to and trust for implementation in their practice.

The focus of this group is financial reporting. However, as we are seeking input from valuation professionals whose practice may extend beyond financial reporting, we ask that you clarify any responses that are provided from an alternate perspective (e.g. tax litigation). If responding as a firm, and the firm has a fair value practice for financial reporting, we would prefer to have responses from that section of your practice versus firm-wide responses.

Your response is voluntary, but your input will help us prepare more formal guidance relating to this subjective area of Cost of Capital.  

We respectfully request your responses to be from the perspective of long term standard operating procedures relating to Company Specific Risk Premia (CSRP), and not as a response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is fair to think about multiple aspects of Cost of Capital issues differently.  We ask that you please be specific as to which component of the Cost of Capital you are addressing when providing open-ended responses.

When responding to questions that ask for written responses, if easier, please feel free to provide a separate attachment with appropriately numbered responses. At the end of the survey, you will be able to upload a document or multiple documents in lieu of responding/elaborating on each question. When you come to a question in which you have the answer in a separate document, please note in the text box that comments are provided within an attachment. Please also feel free to attach any relevant whitepapers that you / your firm have in place that may address any of these questions, rather than responding directly to a particular question. Please use the [“add attachment”] feature of the survey to attach all relevant items. For freeform responses, please indicate which option you are clarifying (i.e., for answer “d” – we further modify MCAPM by measuring XYZ...").

This survey consists of thirty (30) questions on the cost of capital issues divided into two (2) sections plus additional demographic and Appraisal Foundation inquiries.

We would appreciate if you would forward this survey to any individual or group who might have input on the cost of capital issues.

If you would like to distribute this survey to other members within your own firm to get aggregate answers, you can download the pdf document or word document to give them. Please enter all replies within this online survey form.

Your responses are confidential.  Survey questions are also anonymous by default, but we do leave space for you to indicate your name/email for follow-up at the end of the survey, which would link you to your responses. All responses, regardless of anonymity, are confidential.

We thank you for your support and help in answering this survey.