* 1. Are you currently a member of Pinterest?

* 2. Select Gender

* 3. If you answered yes to Question 1, why did you decide to join Pinterest?
If you answered no to Question 1 please explain why and then you are finished with this survey! Thank you for your help!

* 4. Which categories do you browse & "Pin" frequently? Select all that apply

* 5. What is your primary use for Pinterest?

* 6. If you answered "other" to the previous question, please explain.

* 7. Do you think Pinterest has made it socially acceptable to make certain things that were previously kept private, public? (For example, planning your future wedding before you're engaged, or designing your future home while you're still in college)

* 8. Please explain your answer.

* 9. If you use Pinterest to plan your future life, why do you do so? Why do you feel comfortable making this public?