* 1. The atmosphere and room arrangement of the Center is comfortable and welcoming.

* 2. The staff at the Center are friendly & helpful.

* 3. I enjoy the structure of the Early Childhood Family Education Class: Parent/Child Activities, Circle, Snack, & Parent Discussion.

* 4. The amount of time allowed for Parent/Child Activities at the beginning of class is adequate.

* 5. The Parent/Child Activities that are planned at the beginning of class are enjoyable, creative, and interesting.

* 6. The time allowed for Parent Discussion is adequate, informative, and helpful.

* 7. I enjoy having children with a variety of ages in the classroom with my own child.

* 8. I would recommend an ECFE class to a friend or family member in the community.

* 9. Please list one way to improve our ECFE classes, any themes/interests or activities that your child particularly enjoyed, any parent discussion topics that you particularly enjoyed, and the reason you attend ECFE.