This short survey is being conducted by the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC) to evaluate use of 21 Mile Creek for winter backcountry recreation. This survey has 9 questions and takes only 1 minute to complete.

Please complete this survey if you have completed a ski or snowshoe trip into the 21 Mile Creek area: Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Mountain, Sproatt Mountain, Gin Peak or Hanging Lake. If you did an overnight trip, please complete the survey once for each day of the trip. Only one person in your party needs to complete the survey.

* 1. When did you visit the Rainbow / Sproatt area?

day of your trip

* 2. How many people were in your group?

* 3. How many people did you observe using the 21 mile creek area on this day, including your group?

* 4. Where did you park?

* 5. Which destination(s) did you visit?