1. Consumer Driven Kiteboarding Survey

New Canadian company looking to provide a new and exciting line of kiteboarding products, which are consumer driven, so you get all the features you want plus more...

We will be launching a new line of kite gear consisting of kites, bars, boards, harness’, accessories and apparel for the 2008 season this coming October. Your help in providing your current kiteboarding setup and your most wanted setup, would greatly help us provide you, our customer, with the best possible products.

Our company will be announced in the near future, but until then we are keeping things to a whisper. If you would like to continue to help us please provide your email address at the end of the survey, so you can help us with new kiteboarding ideas and features as we progress. Kiters who provide their email address for further information will receive a Free Gift, once we have our new line of gear ready for launch.


* 1. What kiteboarding magazine do you enjoy most?

* 2. Where do you buy most of your kite gear?

* 3. What is your most frequently used kite?

* 4. What type of kite do you prefer to ride?

* 5. How many kites do you currently have?

* 6. How long have you been kiteboarding?

* 7. What size kites do you own?

* 8. What size kite do you use most?

* 9. What size bar do you mostly use?

* 10. Where are you located?

* 11. What is your age?

* 12. What is your average weight?

* 13. What size harness do you use?

* 14. What size kiteboard do you mostly ride?

* 15. What water conditions do you mostly ride?

* 16. Do you buy new or used kite gear?

* 17. Would you purchase a gift certificate from an?

* 18. Is Free Shipping important when buying kite gear online?

* 19. Do you think pumps should come standard with new kites?

* 20. Would you help promote our kite gear to friends, family, online forums, or with a website, if you would receive a commission on each sale you generated, with an online & offline referral program. What percentage of profits would make you want to become a sales partner of our new company?