Purchasing & Contracting Customer Service Survey

1.How long has your company been doing business with DeKalb County, GA?
2.How responsive is the Procurement Department in answering questions, answering emails, and returning phone calls?
3.How do you rate our overall professionalism?
4.How effectively do you think Purchasing and Contracting communicates its needs, plans and expectations?
5.Does the Procurement Department have realistic expectations for your company in solicitations?
6.In regard to solicitations (ITB, RFP, Quotes, etc.) are the specifications thorough enough for your company to submit its best response? Please explain.
7.Is the time allowed for response to Bids, Quotes and RFPs generally sufficient?
8.Does DeKalb County make payments in a timely manner?
9.Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the services you recently received from this department (1=Worst thru 5=Excellent):
10.What can we do to improve the current bid process?
Current Progress,
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