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1. What type of yoga classes would you be MOST likely to attend?
(Check all that apply)

2. What times of day/days of the week are you MOST likely to take a yoga class?
(Check all that apply)

3. Please choose these yoga studio features that are important to you.

  Must Have Important Nice to Have Don't Care at all
Variety of Yoga Classes
Kid's/Teen Yoga Classes
Meditation Classes
Bodywork/Healing Arts
Juice Bar
Guest Teachers

4. How willing are you to pay for yoga classes in addition to your gym memberships?

5. How likely would you be to pay for a monthly membership at a yoga studio if it met your needs for variety of classes, quality of instruction, and convenient class times and comparable to the cost of your gym membership?

6. What is the optimal length of a yoga class for you?

7. Please rank how important these features are to you in a yoga studio.

  Extremely Important Important Don't really care much N/A to me
Quality of Instruction (instructor is certified)
Personal Attention
Variety of Class Types Offered
Class Schedule (variety of times)
Studio Atmosphere
Showers/Changing Room
Low Cost Classes
Sense of Community
Customer Service
Small Class Size
Large Class Size

8. On average, how much are you willing to pay per yoga class?

9. On average, how many days a week do you attend a yoga class?

How do you feel about your current yoga class?

Is there anything you would change and why?

10. How important is it for you to have a personal connection with your yoga instructor? Please add any other comments or suggestions you have.