1. Partnership Manager

One of the main ways we spread our message is through partnerships.

We’ve spent years developing our material, testing our courses, and building a bulletproof infrastructure.

And now we’re ready to take the message to the world! Partnerships are one of our most effective ways to do that.

As the Partnership Manager, you’ll identify potential partners, systematically reach out to key influencers, build relationships, strike deals, and manage the fulfillment of these partnerships.

This is a highly detail-oriented position. You’ll be interacting with many partners at various levels, so it’s important to manage all these relationships. You should be an expert at CRM and building pipelines. You should be able to take a partnership from end to end: creating a target list of relevant partners all the way through fulfillment.

Since we track partnership results carefully, I’m looking for someone who’s thrives in a high-pressure, rigorously measured role.

- Ramit

* 1. Assume we have 10" partnership targets. How would you rank/prioritize outreach? Be specific please.

* 2. Share 5 types of partnerships "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" could do. Be specific.

* 3. Assume we want to have a content partnership with Acme Corp. Please explain how you would secure a partnership step by step.

* 4. What partnerships have you secured in the past? What were the results?

* 5. What is your desired compensation?

* 6. Full Name

* 7. Email Address

* 8. Link to your LinkedIn profile