* 1. Which of the existing amenities have you used in the past year at North Dam Park (Please select all that apply)?

* 2. Which facilities have you used or visited in the past year at other parks (Please select all that apply)?

* 3. Which are the three most important to your household (Please select three)?

* 4. Which additional facilities or activities would you like to see added to North Dam Park (Please select all that apply)?

* 5. How do the current facilities meet your needs (Please check the appropriate box for each)?

  Very Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Unsure/In-between Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied
Baseball/softball fields
Tennis courts
Skate park
9-hole disc golf course
Half basketball court
Amphitheater area
Picnic area
Walking trails
Windmill Garden
North Dam Park Overall

* 6. Which reasons prevent you or members of your household from using North Dam Park (Please select all that apply)?

* 7. If you could allocate $100 among various North Dam Park components, how would you divide it (please provide the appropriate amount for each totaling $100)?

* 8. How much would you be willing to spend in additional tax money annually for North Dam Park and other parks within CAPRD boundaries (Please select one)?

* 9. Please select your age group:

* 10. Please provide any additional comments, concerns, or aspirations in regards to North Dam Park and Coulee Area Parks and Recreation in the space provided below: