Connecting Intelligence. Driven by Data: Measured by Success
Call for Presentations

You made it! We’re excited to learn more about you, your expertise, and your presentation that will move the profession forward. The 2019 Canada West conference unfolds in beautiful Banff, Alberta from October 27 through 29, 2019.

A little direction:

Connecting Intelligence focuses on our profession being driven by data and measured by success; where we use research, data and evaluation to achieve results. It offers five tracks that cover the gamut of the communication profession. Please let us know where your presentation fits and how your content aligns with new trends and developments.

Communication Skills
Bring your cool high tech and social media know-how. Maybe digital visualization is your thing, or you have amazing insights to writing, planning, design, measurement or presentation skills.

Leadership and Strategy
What does it take to be a trusted advisor or a business leader? Put on your mentor hat and show communication professionals how they can connect communication to business results.

Marketing and Brand
You know how to connect with audiences to create awareness, motivate behaviour, and build reputation. Maybe you have a cool way to help companies find their brand heartbeat or a new approach to help companies deliver measurable ROI.

What’s new in reputation management? Connecting and managing stakeholders, social responsibility and crisis management fall in this bucket.

Bring your case studies and best practices that align and connect employees and other stakeholders to vision, values, mission, and business strategy to deliver results.

Connecting Intelligence supports the IABC Global Standard and career paths.

For more information about the audience and the conference, please see the ‘Conference Background’ section and review the requirements before you complete the information and hit the "send" button.

Deadline for proposals: February 20, 2019.

Confirmed speakers will receive a two-day conference pass. Pre-conference workshops are not included. An honorarium for travel expenses ranging from $250 - $500 may be issued depending on the home location of the presenter.

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* 3. In which of the conference track(s) would you place your presentation(s)?

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* 5. Presentation Description: 
Please describe your presentation in under 300 words.  Make sure to include the presentation title and three insights that participants will gain in your session. If your proposal makes the final cut, you'll be invited to revise the copy to broaden your description. 

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* 6. Tell us why your presentation is awesome (280 characters)

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* 8. Relevance
Tell us how your presentation will capture the focus of Connecting Intelligence; driven by data, measured by success. Please explain the relevance of your content to the audience and emerging business and communication trends.

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* 9. Have you recently addressed an IABC audience?