* 1. I am a (select one option that most accurately describes your role):

* 2. What will attract candidates to apply for the position of Principal of Royal Oak High School? Choose up to five (5) reasons you believe to be most important.

* 3. What are the most important characteristics that the next Royal Oak Principal should possess? Chose up to five (5) of the options listed below.

* 4. What are the five (5) most important skills the next Royal Oak High School Principal should possess?

* 5. There are many possible priorities for a new leader in a school. From the choices below, what are the five most important areas upon which the next ROHS principal should focus in his or her first year?

* 6. Every school leader must address critical challenges. Of the challenges for school leaders that are listed below, select five (5) that you feel are most applicable to Royal Oak High School and most critical for the next principal to address.

* 7. Optional: What additional information would you like to share with us as we move forward with this process?