One of the principal functions of the PSI- the pharmacy regulator is to promote and ensure a high standard of education and training for those seeking to become pharmacists. This role includes setting the accreditation standards for the educational programmes that are offered by the higher education institutions in Ireland.

The PSI is in the process of reviewing the accreditation standards which underpin the five-year integrated MPharm programmes at the three higher education institutions in Ireland, and we welcome your feedback.

The draft accreditation standards and further information is available on our website. You can submit your feedback using this consultation survey or by email to 

The consultation will remain open until 5pm on Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

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* 1. Data Protection and Freedom of Information 

This survey is voluntary. By completing it you are agreeing to allow your responses to be processed and analysed by the PSI for the purpose of seeking feedback on the proposed new PSI 5-Year Integrated Masters Degree Programme Accreditation Standards. A consultation report will be compiled and this report, will be published on the PSI website in due course. The information you provide to this survey will be stored in a secure and confidential manner by the PSI, it will only be used for the purposes outlined above and it will be deleted in line with the PSI’s record retention policy. The PSI uses SurveyMonkey to gather feedback to our public consultations. Full details of how your information is processed via SurveyMonkey is documented in this privacy policy. Submissions made to public consultations carried out by the PSI are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

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