The Mission of the Wellness Weavers Green STARship Enterprise (our Cisco WebEx Event Center) is...

 to use the world wide web and appropriate technology to help rebuild and support the mental health and wellness of local communities going through the various dimensions of preparedness and resiliency during phases of disasters and recovery.

To make this as memorable and meaningful as possible, we will be planning one-hour blocks of times for the October 20 web-based event that links the onsite events in Waterville to your sites.   We hope that it will encourage people to have events in their workplace, school, faith-based center, and community center to help people benefit the most.

The standard Cisco WebEx Event Center has 100 polling chat box "seats" and 3,000 seats without chatbox privileges.   By joint venturing with the businesses that have or can rent the Cisco WebEx Training centers as their in-kind donation to this effort, we will be able to accommodate a large group with common instructions.   The beauty of having participants "seated" in the Training Centers is that the host can nimbly divide people into private small groups base on the commands from the "Enterprise" for short talking and research work sessions to get a lot of work done within one hour!  Small groups will add their statements and resources to the Survey Monkey tool that will allow everyone to vote and add their comment if the group is missing insights.  

By using an integrated blended technology approach, everyone that has registered and joined the meeting with their email account, will have equal access and opportunity to have voice and vote instead of just being a listener. 

This will train all Cisco Training Center account holders how to get the most from their system and help their communities as well.  Wellness Weavers will no longer be a one-woman show and tell.  Simplicity & 100% empowerment is the goal!

The Cisco WebEx platform meets the HIPAA Compliant standards, making it an excellent tool for the support of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual aspects of personal, family, worksite, and community health and wellness.

With the ability to connect live sites, stress management  and communication and conflict resolution skills can actually be woven together during a one hour session to help people gain skills and confidence. 

This effort can help the huge number of people that are currently overwhelming the system... and the people that are survivors...those that are helping... and those that want to help from the safety of their home and worksites. 

1) This step of the plan is the call to find the TEAM of people with current TIC, Trauma Informed Care Best Practices to plan the one-hour series of webinars to train and support each other.

2) All tax funded institutions and tax funded positions and professionals that are caring for children, adults, and families will do their part to flesh out the resources for an updated "Best Practices for Trauma Informed Care" training via web-based methods that accommodate those with special hearing or visual needs.    This will help provide the support system that they need for their personal health and wellness resiliency and professional effectiveness. 

Wellness Weavers is offering the use of our technology resources to partner with those with the Best Practices for TIC.   We also have a contract with for a 13-week 1-hr pilot radio show on their Empowerment Channel as one resource this TEAM can leverage so Together Everyone Achieves More.

3) Simultaneously, the public schools that are doing the Social Emotional Character Development can join in the webinar to plan their next action step to use Cisco WebEx

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