* 1. How old are you?

* 2. In what neighborhood do you reside?

* 3. What are your roles in the community?

* 4. What is your opinion regarding the availability and accessibility of public transportation in Laconia and surrounding towns?

* 5. Do you think that making bicycles available to those who have no vehicle or drivers license help our "public transportation" issues?

* 6. If you didn't have a vehicle or drivers' license, how would you opt to get places in Laconia or surrounding towns?

* 7. We are seeking secure locations for bike storage in various Laconia neighborhoods. Do you have any suggestions for bike storage facilities in your neighborhood? (Exp., churches, clubs, police/fire stations, etc.).

* 8. Sourcing bicycles: Once the program is started, we will be looking for bicycles to rehabilitate and distribute. Do you have any ideas for where we can source free, gently used bicycles for use in the program?

* 9. Funding Sources: What local funding sources may be available to support the bike exchange program?

* 10. What are your concerns about organizing a bicycle exchange program in Laconia?

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