1. Election manifesto for M.E. - introduction

This draft election manifesto has been compiled by Action for M.E. and the Association of Young People with M.E. (AYME) - in conjunction with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers - to draw the attention of the political parties to the issues which affect people with M.E., as the General Election approaches.

There are currently eight policy areas in this manifesto: Research, Recognition of M.E., Health services, Welfare benefits, Employment, Social care, Education, Carers.

These policy areas have been drawn up, based on ideas submitted through an initial online consultation with people with M.E. We now seek views on the draft manifesto as a whole. If you think we have got it wrong or you have other ideas, please let us know your views by completing this 11-page questionnaire by 8 January.

Action for M.E. and AYME will invite parliamentarians of all key parties to sign up to the policies identified in the final manifesto and will proactively approach them to request their support.