This past year, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation requiring each local school system to adopt a model policy designed to acclimatize student-athletes to participate effectively in warm and hot conditions and reduce the risk of heat related illnesses. These guidelines took effect immediately and impacted traditional practice plans this past fall sports preseason.

In an attempt to strike a safe balance between a gradual introduction and assimilation into athletic competition with the need to properly teach safe playing techniques, the MPSSAA is conducting a survey of Athletic Administrators regarding ways to increase instruction time prior to the first date of competition while not compromising a student-athlete’s acclimatization period.

This survey will provide valuable information on the thoughts of the MPSSAA community regarding the safety of student participants.

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* 3. The following suggested recommendations are under consideration in order to balance a gradual introduction into athletic competition with the need to properly teach safe playing techniques while not compromising a student-athletes heat acclimatization period.

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1. Keeping the Status Quo: Current regulations provide adequate time for heat acclimatization compliance as well sufficient preparation prior to the first contest of the season.
2. Reducing Sport Schedule: A reduction in the maximum number of contests by one in order to provide a longer preseason preparation period.
3. Adjusting the Fall Calendar: Establishing the first fall play date one week later thus adjusting draw dates, last play dates and championship dates by one week.
4. Changing First Practice Date: The official first practice date would be moved to the Wednesday prior to the traditional Saturday start date thus providing for three additional practice days.
5. Adding Heat Acclimatization Preseason Conditioning: Three days prior to the start of the fall season, schools may conduct non-sport specific conditioning sessions to begin fulfillment of heat acclimatization guidelines.