The National MPS Society is excited to begin the first phase in building our Physician Database. Our goal is to help connect our membership with knowledgeable physicians who have experience treating patients with MPS and related diseases.

We need your help to create our physician database. Please share your MPS medical team information, so that we can create a searchable database on our website for everyone's use.

You will have the opportunity to enter multiple physicians involved in the MPS and related disease care of your medical team. Please enter one physician per page. If you have any questions, please contact or call 919.806.0101.

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* 6. I am willing to talk with others regarding our medical team experience: if yes, please remember to provide contact information above.

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* 9. If you are aware that your physician has experience with multiple types of MPS, please list all that apply.  If you are a physician filling out this form, please list all types of MPS that you have experience treating.

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