To encourage broad participation in the Association, the Midwest Political Science Association is offering a limited number of complimentary two-year electronic memberships to political science scholars in 139 developing countries (as defined by the World Bank for the 2015 fiscal year - See for a complete list). This program will allow access to MPSA membership benefits including electronic access to the American Journal of Political Science, the association’s monthly electronic newsletter, eligibility for MPSA conference scholarships and other member benefits for a period of twenty-four months.

Scholars from the developed world who are temporarily located in one of the developing countries (e.g. Fulbright Scholars) are not eligible, nor are scholars originally from the developing world who currently are faculty or graduate students in the developed world.

Your application will be reviewed by MPSA staff and successful applicants will be notified of a decision via email within one week. Membership benefits will start at the beginning of the following month.

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* What year did you complete your PhD? (If a current student, what year do you plan to complete your PhD?)

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