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We are currently applying for a Big Lottery grant to help fund Blackpool Music School’s future prospects and expansion into the South Shore area. If we are successful in receiving this grant we will be able to continue to grow and improve our services to you and to future students. We would be very grateful if you would take a couple of minutes and fill out this questionnaire.. This will assist us in presenting an honest and comprehensive evaluation that this project is needed in the community of Blackpool and the Music School in its present state to the Big Lottery Fund. The questionnaire will be kept anonymous and there is no need to give your name on the form if you do not wish to do so. Thank you for your time and cooperation

* 1. What is your age

* 2. Would you consider learning an instrument at Blackpool Music School

* 3. If yes which instruments would you consider learning?

* 4. What kind of tuition do you prefer

* 5. Why would you consider tuition at Blackpool Music School?

* 6. The new site will have additional facilities
Would you make use of these

* 7. Blackpool Music School aims to provide affordable tuition for all. If you were to learn an instrument how much would you consider fair payment for tuition per session?

* 8. Blackpool Music School offer UCAS recognised qualifications with Rockschool examinations which assist in getting places on University courses. Would you be interested in taking music examinations with Blackpool Music School?

* 9. What (if any) kind of music courses or workshops would you like to see at Blackpool Music School

* 10. Please let us know your opinions, concerns and suggestions about the new Blackpool Music School, café and music shop which will be on Waterloo Rd. South Shore, Blackpool