Welcome to the online feedback form for the review of the Walking Access Act 2008 (the Act).

We want to hear from organisations and individuals involved in access to the outdoors. This is so we are able to get the best possible outcomes through the review process. We have prepared a public feedback paper, and a number of discussion questions, to help you engage and give feedback. These are available here. We have also included references to the relevant parts of the public feedback paper throughout this form.

We are interested in your views on any aspect of the review. This means you can answer all or any of the discussion questions in this form, it's up to you. The time it takes to complete the form will depend on the amount of feedback you would like to give.  

You can also provide your answers, or any additional feedback, by uploading a document at the end of this form. Alternatively you can email your document to walkingaccessreview@mpi.govt.nz

Please complete this form, and any provide any additional feedback to us by 5pm on 2 July 2019

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