1. Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Product Survey Instructions

A new product concept is being developed and the manufacturer is looking for feedback from parents of children with diabetes.

No finger stick is required. No mark is left on the finger. No pain is felt.

The new product is intended to measure glucose by shining light on the back of a finger. The 3-step process is as follows:
1) Apply a small amount of ultrasound gel to finger
2) Place finger in device
3) Device automatically starts measurement and, in less than a minute, reports a glucose value

The home device is about the size of a small toaster, and the glucose readings are as accurate as alternate-site blood glucose meters.

Your completion of the survey is valuable information that will be used to finalize the product. It should only take a few minutes.

Thanks again!

* 1. What is your general interest in using such a testing device?

* 2. What is your general opinion of noninvasive glucose measurements using light as the sensing mechanism?

* 3. What features of the testing device do you view as most complelling (if interest is neutral or below, please indicate why):

  Extremely Positive Very Positive Quite Positive Positive Neutral Not important
No blood requirement
No pain/fingerstick
Simple to use

* 4. What do you see as the biggest barrier to noninvasive measurements be introduced as a viable alternative to finger stick methods?

* 5. In addition to providing a glucose measurement, the device has an additional feature that enables the system to determine both the direction of glucose change (going up or going down) and the rate of glucose change (moving fast or moving slow). The process requires an extended testing period of up to three minutes.

What is your general interest in using such a direction and rate of change feature on your child?

* 6. When would you find such a direction and rate of change feature most useful?

* 7. How often do you do a blood glucose check before bed time?

* 8. How often do you do a blood glucose check during the middle of the night on your child?

* 9. Number of finger sticks performed per day?

* 10. Do you use alternate-site meters or forearm-based samples on your child?

* 11. What is the biggest reason for not using alternate-site or forearm-based meters?

* 12. Age of your child?

* 13. Duration of diabetes?

* 14. Other comments that would help the development team create the best possible product for your child with diabetes?