Fall 2017 Master Plan Survey

This Community Master Plan Survey is another step in the process to inform, share ideas, and gauge support for land use and economic development options, housing, resource protection and public facilities. The final Master Plan will also incorporate the topics of transportation, natural and cultural resources and recreation, which will be addressed in future surveys.

Since 2016 the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea has been developing a Community Master Plan.  Due to be completed by spring of 2018, the Plan will be a living document that will serve as the foundation for town policies, regulations, initiatives, and budgets.

The Plan will include recommendations and action plans to address Housing, Economic Development, Natural and Cultural Resources, Open Space and Recreation, Transportation, Public Facilities and Services, Sustainability, and Land Use. Periodic updates will keep the Plan current, relevant, and responsive to community needs.

In 2017, the Master Plan Committee has been working with the community to identify potential opportunities to expand the Town’s tax revenues to help address the cost of infrastructure replacement and maintenance.  For more information about income and capital expenses, please visit http://www.manchester.ma.us/DocumentCenter/View/1630

We encourage you to respond through this survey, as the information gathered will directly impact the final recommendations of the Master Plan.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions.

2017 Manchester Master Plan Committee
Susan Beckmann, Co-Chair
Gary Russell, Co-Chair
Lisa Bonneville
Jay Bothwick
Sarah Hammond Creighton
Josh Crosby
Gary Gilbert
Susan Baker Leavitt
Laura Winn