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This survey has been created to assess how new technologies, in particular mobile devices/phones and the apps (software applications) that run on them, can be best utilised for the benefit of Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) and the marine community.

The information provided will be used for a research project (a collaboration between WCPA-Marine and the University of Exeter) to help understand the current state of this exciting crossover area, promote any existing solutions, and investigate new opportunities for the future.

Whether you have experience or knowledge of the technologies mentioned or not, as a member of the MPA community, your views are highly valued and your participation in this short survey, that should take just 5 minutes of your time, would be very much appreciated.

Together you could be helping to revolutionise marine conservation!

1. In what way(s) are you involved with MPA's? (select as many as appropriate)

3. At what scale are you involved?

4. What do you feel is currently the biggest difficulty or problem area with MPAs?