Once you have completed this form you will get an invoice from MPA/F. Applications are typically reviewed within 3 weeks of receipt. 

Pricing is as follows for online courses: 
1-2.75 credits: $200
3-5.75 credits: $350
6-9 credits: $700
9+ credits: Please contact the office

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Types of eligible home study CE activities

Single Recorded Workshop:  A standalone activity which could either be a pre-recorded presentation, video, audio-only media (eg podcast). May or may not be interactive.
Series of Recorded Workshops: Multiple workshops that are connected by an overarching theme. The workshops can be pre-recorded presentations, videos, audio-only media. May or may not be interactive.
Text Based Course: Written material (eg Article, book, or other commercially published, written material)

There must be a post-test for ALL types of home study courses. Recommended 6-8 questions per CE. 

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