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TEMIA will meet September 10-13 in San Francisco. The meeting is scheduled adjacent to CTIA/MobileWorld Congress. On Sunday evening September 10, we will meet for Cocktails. Monday, September 11 at 2 PM. The meeting will break on Tuesday at 2:30 for folks to attend CTIA. On Wednesday September 13 we plan an elective networking activity with a wine tour. More information regarding the agenda and hotel will be available soon.

* 1. Please list the names of people from your firm who will attend TEMIA's meeting. Members may send up to four (4) people to one meeting or any combination of four people to TEMIA’s meetings over 12 months. If a company wants to send more than four people, fees will be charged as necessary to cover the costs for additional attendees.

* 2. Will you be attending the meeting? (select all that apply)

* 3. Which Roundtable Lunch topic interests you the most? (select just ONE)

* 4. We will have panels, break outs and presentations. Please indicate if you can present unbiased educational material on one or more of the topics below during the TEMIA meeting. Also, indicate if you are NOT interested in any of the topics.

  Yes (panel participation) Yes (I can present on my own) INTERESTED (listen only) NOT INTERESTED in this topic
Mobile Inventory
Fixed Inventory
Managing Scope Creep
General Management (HR Stories from Hell, Successful delegation; Creating a Board)
Managing the Broader Ecosystem of Mobile Devices
Cloud, IT and TEM Services
Carrier/Cable/IT/Cloud Providers' Billing
The Changing Carrier / Service Provider Landscape

* 5. Would you be interested in participating on a panel to discuss best practices or some other topic not listed above?

* 6. Are there any specific topics, agenda items, guest speakers or other suggestions that you have for this meeting?

* 7. Are you interested in running for TEMIA's Executive Board?  Members serve for two years. Four seats rotate for the election cycle in March 2016 including Treasurer, Secretary and two at-large board positions.  Learn more regarding board responsibilities by speaking with our board members and http://temia.org/wp/2009/04/board-responsibilities/.

* 8. TEMIA is seeking sponsors to help defray some of our meeting expenses. Are you interested in sponsoring a meal or some other aspect of the meeting? Sponsors will receive recognition and other benefits.

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