Deadline for submission is December 5, 2022

The Recreation Program of the year award shall be awarded to a recreation program that has performed above and beyond with the development of soccer at the grassroots level.

The program should meet the following requirements;

1) This club/organization must have been a current member of NJYS for at least one season during the seasonal year immediately prior to the seasonal year for which the club/organization is being nominated.

2) 100% of its players are currently registered with NJYS and US Youth Soccer.

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* 1. Club/ Organization Name

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* 2. Club/Organization Contact

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* 3. Email address

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* 4. Phone number

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* 5. Nominator's Name

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* 6. Relation to the Club/Organization

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* 7. Nominator's phone number

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* 8. Nominator's email address

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* 9. Application:
Please submit an application, preferably on one page, and upload below that we recommend addresses the areas below:

a)  Administration: How long has your program been a registered recreation member of NJYS.

b)  Mission and Goals: Describe the club/organization’s mission statement.

c)  Curriculum: Provide details.

d)  Player Development and Alumni: Number of players in the program, examples of growth, and player development success stories.

e)  Coaching Development: Details on your commitment to coaching education.

f)  Referee Development:  Details on your commitment to referee development.

g)  Involvement in other programs: Inclusion of a program for players with special needs (i.e. TOPSoccer) and mention of other applicable community activities.

h)  Other Details: Include as applicable.

i)  Letters of Recommendation:  From no more than three community leaders and/or parents with children in the club.  These recommendations need not fit within the recommended one-page application.


PDF, DOC, DOCX file types only.
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