1. Community Input

Without you, the patrons, there would be no need for us and the library materials housed here. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and for believing in the mission of the library - To be the free space in the public sphere where people can gather, learn, and grow as citizens and benefit from our enlightening programs and entertaining materials. We hope to use the information you provide to ensure the Flossmoor Public Library remains the superior and relevant library that it is for generations to come.

* 1. When you picture the Flossmoor Public Library and your experiences here, what thoughts come to mind? Please be descriptive, we'll take the good with the bad. If you have comments about the after school hours, please save them for question 9.

* 2. Beyond books and movies, many modern public libraries circulate a wide array of items, tools, and technology for the benefit of their cardholders. (For example: laptops, hot spots, science kits, baking utensils, tools, musical instruments...) Please list new items or collections you think would add value to our library.

* 3. Please rate the services or library spaces you have directly experienced and/or received at the Flossmoor Public Library.

  Poor Fair Good Excellent Don't Know/Not Applicable
Customer Service - Are we friendly to you and do we fulfill your needs?
Our Collection - Do you like the materials (books, movies, audiobooks, magazines/newspapers, and video games) we have available for checkout?
Programs - We offer a variety of programs for all ages from babies to teens and adults.
Our Meeting Room and Study Room spaces?
Our Youth Services spaces (not staff or materials)
Our Teen spaces (not staff or materials)
Our Adult spaces (not staff or materials)
Social Media - We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Online Services - Our website, computer catalog for searching/placing holds, and research databases.
Technology and Business Needs - Our public computers, printers, and business center for scanning/faxing/copying.
Internet Access - Through our computers or your own devices via our WiFi.
Facilities - Are they clean and in good order?
Hours of Operation - Are our hours convenient for you?
Outreach - Does the Library do a good job interacting with the Community?

* 4. Keeping in mind we renovated the first floor Adult and Patron services spaces within the last two years, are there other library spaces you feel need to be updated or added?

* 5. What is something the Flossmoor Public Library is not doing or providing that you feel needs to be incorporated? Is there a specific piece of technology, software, service, or equipment you feel needs to be made available to cardholders?

* 6. Our Inspiration Station, which already houses some Maker equipment along with Audio/Visual VHS to DVD conversion equipment and software, is the first step towards a more inclusive collaborative work and program space for kids and adults. Do you feel it and the community would benefit from the inclusion of a 3D printer and/or laser cutter technology for patrons to use?

* 7. Help us to understand how you use the library. Select each option below that you utilize in person or digitally via the Flossmoor Public Library. Check all that apply.

* 8. We anticipate society will experience very real and significant changes in the near future due to advancements in technology that will influence robotics/automation, ambient communication, medicine, biometrics, and our media. How can the Flossmoor Public Library best adapt to the changes we know technology will bring in the future?

* 9. We know our after school hours are very busy and sometimes noisy, yet we are excited that so many future library users come here. We are making plans to address and stem disruptive behavior, but what would you recommend we do to adapt our second floor Youth and Teen spaces to accommodate this active age group?

* 10. Related to our future Strategic Planning, please take this opportunity to address anything else important to you that this survey did not address or barriers that you feel if removed would help you to use the library to its fullest. What makes you happy? What would make you even happier?