2019 MOVER Awards - Call for Nominations

In 1974, a new organization, CEWAER; now California Women Lead, was created - the first of its kind nationwide. The need for a new, bipartisan organization seemed apparent for a long time, partly because of the general dissatisfaction with the male political structure, the disproportionate number of elected women and the sense of aloneness felt by women who are elected and then must function in an isolated situation. Many women felt that elected and appointed women were more than role models, they could use their influence and clout to help the aspirations of all women. Women recognized they needed supporters, buddies, and a communication network - in other words, the counterpart to the "old boys club".

Today, women in California continue to strive for parity in political representation and our work continues. Through our training events and conferences, California Women Lead has inspired thousands of women to successfully run for office or apply for an appointment at the state or local level.

California Women Lead is successful today because of the remarkable women, and men, who join California Women Lead in our mission to ENGAGE APPOINT ELECT.  These women and men  not only believe in the mission, they live it. 

The California Women Lead State Board of Directors is proud to announce we are accepting nominations for our 2019 MOVER Awards which recognize women and men who have and continue to be trailblazers, they not only inspire, but work to help women be successful in the political arena.