Welcome to the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board Case Submission template! The information that you provide in this form will be used to help identify and construct relevant cases for the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board series, which is a monthly collaboration by the American Society for Clinical Oncology, Association for Molecular Pathologists, and College of American Pathologists. 

Before submitting your hypothetical case, please review the patient privacy and legal compliance statement below.


The Molecular Oncology Tumor Board is an educational program that aims to provide oncologists with a web-based platform to publicize and share noteworthy fictional cases among peers. The Molecular Oncology Tumor Board’s objective is to facilitate this exchange of information and to help oncology practitioners improve their treatment of molecular tumors.

While case submissions are expected to be based on real-world clinical experience, all cases submitted to and published by the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board are fictional.
Accordingly, ASCO does not allow identifiable patient information, including Protected Health Information (“PHI”) to be submitted to the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board, although clinical case content and descriptions may provide some fictitious information to better define the clinical case. When submitting case information, you should avoid including information from real cases.  Further, you should not include any direct identifiers. Direct identifiers are enumerated in the de-identification list available here.

You are, at all times solely responsible for any and all data that you submit to the Molecular Oncology Tumor Board.  To the extent necessary, you are at all times solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all necessary permissions and consents for any data that you submit. WE CANNOT AND DO NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR USE OR MISUSE OF PATIENT INFORMATION, INCLUDING PHI OR OTHER INFORMATION TRANSMITTED, MONITORED, STORED, OR RECEIVED WHILE USING THE SITE AND THE MATERIALS ON THE SITE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO AMEND OR DELETE ANY MATERIAL THAT IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION VIOLATES THE ABOVE.