Submitted to the 10th Meeting of Partners Changjiang, P.R. China 9-14 December 2018

The Report on Implementation is an important mechanism for EAAFP Partners, Working Groups and Task Forces to record and monitor their implementation of the EAAFP. As a result, Partners, WG and TF are encouraged to respond to all questions.

The deadline for submission is 16 September 2018 to allow the EAAFP Secretariat to analyze the results as a summary to be presented to MOP10. It will not be possible to include information from Reports received after that date.

The Report template is available in an online format and as a Word format. Partners are requested to submit their final Report using the online format so as to facilitate analysis by the Secretariat.

The structure of the MOP10 Report Format is in four sections:
  • Section A is to provide information about the Partner, WG and TF, and details about the contact person for implementation of the Partnership.
  • Section B allows Partners, WG and TF to provide a summary of their progress with implementation and recommendations for the future.
  • Section C provides 33 implementation indicator questions, grouped under each Outcome in the EAAFP Implementation Strategy 2012-2016, and with an optional text section where Partner may add further information if they wish.
  • Section D is a voluntary section for Country Partners to provide more information about the Flyway Network Sites in their country

After the Report has been completed, Partners, WG and TF are requested to submit it using the online format.