Only for School Staff use. Before entering a student you must read the following.

The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (MOG) takes place in schools on Thursday 5th October 2017.

The paper contains five questions to be answered in two-and-a-half hours.

Entry to the MOG can ONLY be made by an authorised contact from the school where the named entrant is a pupil. Only entries with a valid UKMT Centre Number will be accepted.

The MOG fee is £12 per entrant. This will be invoiced to the school. This fee is waived for up to 4 candidates per school. The £12 must be paid for the 5th and further entrants even if no paper is submitted for marking.

The closing date for entries is Monday 2nd October 2017.

All exam materials will be sent to the school according to the official UKMT contact details held in our database.

We hope through MOG to encourage and inspire girls to get involved in advanced mathematical problem solving. However some students can be discouraged from taking part in subsequent activities if they have a negative experience through sitting an Olympiad paper when they are not ready for it.

We recommend that students who are entered for MOG will probably already have achieved some success at UKMT follow-on rounds or in the mentoring schemes, and are confident mathematicians. Whilst we do allow entries from younger girls, MOG is aimed at girls in Year 11 and above.

To give some indication of the type of questions involved, MOG past papers can be found at and we encourage all interested students to attempt some of these before entering the competition, as Olympiad questions may be different in style to anything they have previously attempted.

* 1. I understand the difficulty of the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. I consider my student(s) to be appropriate candidate(s) and they understand the nature of the challenge.

* 2. This is an official school order. I consent to the school being invoiced for all candidates other than the first (up to) 4 named.