1. New Faculty/Staff Gateway

Please use this form to give us feedback on the updated Faculty/Staff Gateway. You comments are important to the evolution of this web site.
Please take a moment to look of the updated Faculty/Staff Gateway before answering the questions below.

* 1. Overall, what is your satisfaction with the new Faculty/Staff gateway

  Very dissatisfied Netural Very Satisfied
Level of Satisfaction:

* 2. What do you think about the amount of NEWS on the Faculty/Staff Gateway home page

  Too little news Just the right amount Too much news
Amount of news

* 3. What do you think about the amount of RESOURCES listed on the Faculty/Staff home page

  Too few resources Just the right amount Too many resources
Amount of resources

* 4. Are there other "Quick Links" you think should be on the Faculty/Staff gateway home page?

* 5. Are there other questions that should be answered in the 'How do I...' section

* 6. What other information or resources would you like to see as part of the Faculty/Staff Gateway

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